Fine Art Sculpture in Glass 

Teamwork It takes a great team to make it happen

I am eternally grateful to my team of truly talented glassmakers, all who are accomplished artists themselves, pursuing their own artwork and developing their own careers in the world's glass community. With large or more complicated pieces, my team consists of 4 to 6 other artists, sometimes a few more.  The idea of what is being created is mine, and together with the team, our collective talents are pooled together to create a great piece of glass. I couldn't do it without these good people. Below are photos of us making glass in the studio. Teamwork is easily my favorite part about making glass.  

Photos by Alec Miller, first and last photo at IMOG by Greg Owen

Megan Stelljes, Lydia Boss, Sasha Tepper-Stewart, Courtney Branam, Morgan Peterson, Nick Davis, Alix Cannon, Darin Denison, and Raven Skyriver all assisted me at my Museum of Glass Residency in 2013. Most of these people are a regular part of my team, and they are all super skilled artists who make their own incredibly amazing artworks. I enjoy assisting them with their work as well. Danny Shipley, Cayn Thompson, Megg White, and Cal Peak have recently been assisting me as well. I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with them,  their creativity is dizzying, and their good company just makes our work day GREAT!