Endangered Animal Project

I am currently seeking residencies to create artwork which can give back.  In April of 2016, my first exhibition of this series opened at the Glasswheel Studio in Norfolk, Virginia.  The focal piece of the exhibit was "Critical Masse," a piece consisting of 13 different endangered species mounted on the wall in clusters.  10% of retail proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. Some zoo animals attended this opening at the Glasswheel Studio, including a snake, an owl, a 2-toed sloth, and a chameleon.   An educational experience based in art and science, I would love to continue working in this direction.

A grouping of these "Ghost Animals" were just up at GUMP's in San Francisco. This project is currently viewable at the MONA Museum show in July 2017, and also at the Pittsburgh Glass Center Gallery in October of 2018.

Some of the work included in the Endangered Animal Project is pictured below:

Fine Art Sculpture in Glass